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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَخَصّ مَخْصُوص خاصّ خَصّ يُخَصُّ خُصَّ خُصْ يَخَصُّ خَصَّ I
    مَخْصُوص خَصّ خُصّ خِصِّيص to concern / stipulate / confer
    special, secret lettuce, shack, shanty, shanties, especially, specifically
    مُخَصَّص مُخَصَّص مُخَصِّص تَخْصِيص يُخَصَّصُ خُصَّصَ خَصِّصْ يُخَصَّصُ خَصَّصَ II
    مُخَصَّص تَخْصِيص to specify / designate / allocate; to be specified / be designated / be allocated
    designated, allocated, allocations, credits, coupons designation, allocation, apportionment
    مُتَخَصَّص مُتَخَصَّص مُتَخَصِّص تَخَصُّص يُتَخَصَّصُ تُخُصِّصَ تَخَصَّصْ يَتَخَصَّصُ تَخَصَّصَ V
    مُتَخَصِّص تَخَصُّص تَخَصُّصِيّ to specialize / be designated / be allocated
    specialized, specialist specialization, major field, specialized
    مُخْتَصّ مُخْتَصّ مُخْتِصّ اِخْتِصاص يُخْتَصُّ اُخْتِصَّ اِخْتِصْ يَخْتَصُّ اِخْتَصَّ VIII
    مُخْتَصّ اِخْتِصاص اِخْتِصاصِيّ to dedicate / be distinguished
    responsible, competent jurisdiction, bailiwick, specialist

    خَصّ     I
    خَصّ    Verb    : to concern, stipulate, confer

    خَصَّص     II
    خَصَّص    Verb    : to specify, designate, allocate
    خُصِّص    Verb    : to be specified, be designated, be allocated

    تَخَصَّص     V
    تَخَصَّص    Verb    : to specialize, be designated, be allocated

    اِخْتَصّ     VIII
    اِخْتَصّ    Verb    : to dedicate, be distinguished

    خَصّ     I
    خَصّ    Verbal Noun    : lettuce

    خُصّ     I
    خُصّ    Verbal Noun    : shack, shanty
    خِصاص    Verbal Noun    : shacks, shanties

    خَصاص     I
    خَصاص    : crevice, gap

    خَصِيص     I
    خَصِيص    : friend, confidant
    أَخِصّاء    : friends, confidants

    خَصِيصَة     I
    خَصِيص    : peculiarity, feature
    خَصائِص    : attributes, features

    خِصِّيص     I
    خِصِّيص    Verbal Noun    : especially, specifically

    خُصُوص     I
    خُصُوص    : matter, issue, regard, respect
    خُصُوص    : especially, in particular

    خُصُوصِيّ     I
    خُصُوصِيّ    : private, personal, special

    خَصاصَة     I
    خَصاص    : poverty, destitution

    أَخَصّ     IV
    أَخَصّ    : more specific

    تَخْصِيص     II
    تَخْصِيص    Verbal Noun    : designation, allocation, apportionment

    إِخْصائِيّ    : specialist, expert

    أَخِصّائِيّ     IV
    أَخِصّائِيّ    : specialist, expert

    تَخَصُّص     V
    تَخَصُّص    Verbal Noun    : specialization, major field

    تَخَصُّصِيّ     V
    تَخَصُّصِيّ    Verbal Noun    : specialized

    اِخْتِصاص     VIII
    اِخْتِصاص    Verbal Noun    : jurisdiction, bailiwick

    اِخْتِصاصِيّ     VIII
    اِخْتِصاصِيّ    Verbal Noun    : specialist

    خاصّ     III
    خاصّ    : special, specific

    خاصّ     III
    خاصّ    : private, exclusive

    خاصَةً    : especially, particularly

    خاصّ    : elite
    بِخاصَّة    : especially

    خاصِّيّ    : specialty, peculiarity

    مَخْصُوص     I
    مَخْصُوص    Receiver    : special, secret

    مُخَصَّص     II
    مُخَصَّص    Receiver    : designated, allocated
    مُخَصَّص    Receiver    : allocations, credits, coupons

    مُتَخَصِّص     V
    مُتَخَصِّص    Doer    : specialized, specialist

    مُخْتَصّ     VIII
    مُخْتَصّ    Receiver    : responsible, competent

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