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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَرْهَن مَرْهُون راهِن رَهْن يُرْهَنُ رُهِنَ اِرْهَنْ يَرْهَنُ رَهَنَ I
    مَرْهُون راهِن رَهْن رَهْنَ رَهْنِيَّة to mortgage / pawn
    pawned, pledged, mortgaged present, current, mortgagor, pledger mortgaging, pawning, pledging, mortgage, security, securities, subject to, depending on, conditional on, mortgage (deed)
    مُراهَن مُراهَن مُراهِن رِهان يُراهَنُ روهِنَ راهِنْ يُراهَنُ راهَنَ III
    رِهان to wager / bet
    wager, contest, betting
    مُرْهَن مُرْهَن مُرْهِن إِرْهان يُرْهَنُ أُرْهِنَ أَرْهِنْ يُرْهِنُ أَرْهَنَ IV
    to deposit in pledge / give as a security; to be deposited in pledge / be given as a security
    مُرْتَهَن مُرْتَهَن مُرْتَهِن اِرْتِهان يُرْتَهَنُ اُرْتُهِنَ اِرْتَهِنْ يَرْتَهَنُ اِرْتَهَنَ VIII
    مُرْتَهِن to deposit in pledge / give as a security
    pawnbroker, pledgee
    مُسْتَرْهَن مُسْتَرْهَن مُسْتَرْهِن اِسْتِرْهان يُسْتَرْهَنُ اِسْتَرْهِنَ اِسْتَرْهِنْ يَسْتَرْهَنُ اِسْتَرْهَنَ X
    to demand as a security

    رَهَن     I
    رَهَن    Verb    : to mortgage, pawn

    راهَن     III
    راهَن    Verb    : to wager, bet

    أَرْهَن     IV
    أَرْهَن    Verb    : to deposit in pledge, give as a security

    اِرْتَهَن     VIII
    اِرْتَهَن    Verb    : to deposit in pledge, give as a security

    اِسْتَرْهَن     X
    اِسْتَرْهَن    Verb    : to demand as a security

    رَهْن     I
    رَهْن    Verbal Noun    : mortgaging, pawning, pledging

    رَهْن     I
    رَهْن    Verbal Noun    : mortgage, security
    رُهُون    Verbal Noun    : mortgages, securities

    رَهْنَ     I
    رَهْنَ    Verbal Noun    : subject to, depending on, conditional on

    رَهْنِيَّة     I
    رَهْنِيّ    Verbal Noun    : mortgage (deed)

    رَهِين    : mortgaged, security
    رَهِين    : mortgage

    رَهِينَ    : subject to, depending on

    رَهِين    : hostage
    رَهائِن    : hostages

    رِهان     III
    رِهان    Verbal Noun    : wager, contest
    مُراهَن    Verbal Noun    : wager, betting

    راهِن     I
    راهِن    Doer    : present, current

    راهِن     I
    راهِن    Doer    : mortgagor, pledger

    مَرْهُون     I
    مَرْهُون    Receiver    : pawned, pledged, mortgaged

    مُرْتَهِن     VIII
    مُرْتَهِن    Doer    : pawnbroker, pledgee

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