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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَقْبُول مَقْبُولِيَّة قابِل قابِلِيَّة قَبْلَ قَبْلُ قَبْلَما قِبَل قَبْلَئِذٍ قَبْلاً قَبْلِيّ قُبْلَة قِبْلَة قِبْلِيّ قُبْلان قُبُول قَبَلِيّ to accept / receive / approve
    accepted, welcome, admitted,acceptabilitycapable, able,ability, capacitybefore,before, prior,before,(on the) part of,before then,previously, formerly,a priori,kiss, kisses,qiblah (direction faced in prayer), focus, direction,southern,Qublan,reception, approval, admission, acceptance,tribal
    to kiss
    مُقابِل مُقابَلَة to meet / face
    in exchange for, in compensation for, opposite to, corresponding to, vis-?-visencounter, meeting, interview
    مُقْبِل إِقْبال to approach / engage in; to be approached / be engaged in
    next, coming, approachingapproach, concern for, interest in, Iqbal, Eqbal
    تَقَبُّل to receive / accept
    acceptance, tolerance
    مُتَقابِل تَقابُل to meet face to face
    isomorphic, alternate, opposedconfrontation, correspondence, opposition
    مُقْتَبَل اِقْتِبال to receive
    prime, beginningreception
    مُسْتَقْبَل مُسْتَقْبَلِيّ مُسْتَقْبِل اِسْتِقْبال to receive / greet / meet
    futurefuturereceiving, receiverreception, welcoming

    قَبْلَ     I
    قَبْلَ     Verbal Noun    : before

    قَبْلُ     I
    قَبْلُ     Verbal Noun    : before, prior

    قَبْلَما     I
    قَبْلَما     Verbal Noun    : before

    قِبَل     I
    قِبَل     Verbal Noun    : (on the) part of

    قَبْلَئِذٍ     I
    قَبْلَئِذٍ     Verbal Noun    : before then

    قَبِل     I
    قَبِل     Verb    : to accept, receive, approve

    قَبَّل     II
    قَبَّل     Verb    : to kiss

    قابَل     III
    قابَل     Verb    : to meet, face

    أَقْبَل     IV
    أَقْبَل     Verb    : to approach, engage in

    تَقَبَّل     V
    تَقَبَّل     Verb    : to receive, accept

    تَقابَل     VI
    تَقابَل     Verb    : to meet face to face

    اِقْتَبَل     VIII
    اِقْتَبَل     Verb    : to receive

    اِسْتَقْبَل     X
    اِسْتَقْبَل     Verb    : to receive, greet, meet

    قَبْلاً     I
    قَبْل     Verbal Noun    : previously, formerly

    قَبْلِيّ     I
    قَبْلِيّ     Verbal Noun    : a priori

    قُبَيْلَ     : shortly before

    قُبْلَة     I
    قُبْل     Verbal Noun    : kiss
    قُبْل     Verbal Noun    : kisses

    قِبْلَة     I
    قِبْل     Verbal Noun    : qiblah (direction faced in prayer)
    قِبْل     Verbal Noun    : focus, direction

    قِبْلِيّ     I
    قِبْلِيّ     Verbal Noun    : southern

    قُبْلان     I
    قُبْلان     Verbal Noun    : Qublan

    قُبُول     I
    قُبُول     Verbal Noun    : reception, approval

    قُبُول     I
    قُبُول     Verbal Noun    : admission, acceptance

    قَبِيل     : kind, sort

    قَبِيل     : tribe
    قَبائِل     : tribes

    قَبائِل     : Kabylia

    قَبائِلِيّ     : tribal

    قَبائِلِيّ     : Kabyle

    قَبَلِيّ     I
    قَبَلِيّ     Verbal Noun    : tribal

    قُبال     : in front of, facing

    قَبال     : guarantee, liability

    مُقابَلَة     III
    مُقابَل     Verbal Noun    : encounter, meeting, interview

    إِقْبال     IV
    إِقْبال     Verbal Noun    : approach, concern for, interest in

    إِقْبال     IV
    إِقْبال     Verbal Noun    : Iqbal, Eqbal

    تَقَبُّل     V
    تَقَبُّل     Verbal Noun    : acceptance, tolerance

    تَقابُل     VI
    تَقابُل     Verbal Noun    : confrontation, correspondence, opposition

    تَقابُلِيَّة     VI
    تَقابُلِيّ     : isomorphism

    اِقْتِبال     VIII
    اِقْتِبال     Verbal Noun    : reception

    اِسْتِقْبال     X
    اِسْتِقْبال     Verbal Noun    : reception, welcoming

    قابِل     I
    قابِل     Doer    : capable, able

    قَوابِل     : receptacles, containers

    قابِلِيَّة     I
    قابِلِيّ     Doer    : ability, capacity

    مَقْبُول     I
    مَقْبُول     Receiver    : accepted, welcome, admitted

    مَقْبُولِيَّة     I
    مَقْبُولِيّ     Receiver    : acceptability

    مُقابِل     III
    مُقابِل     Doer    : in exchange for, in compensation for
    مُقابِل     Doer    : opposite to, corresponding to, vis-?-vis

    مُقْبِل     IV
    مُقْبِل     Doer    : next, coming, approaching

    مُتَقابِل     VI
    مُتَقابِل     Doer    : isomorphic, alternate, opposed

    مُقْتَبَل     VIII
    مُقْتَبَل     Noun of Place & Time    : prime, beginning

    مُسْتَقْبِل     X
    مُسْتَقْبِل     Doer    : receiving, receiver

    مُسْتَقْبَل     X
    مُسْتَقْبَل     Noun of Place & Time    : future

    مُسْتَقْبَل     X
    مُسْتَقْبَل     : Mustaqbal, Mostaqbal

    مُسْتَقْبَلاً     X
    مُسْتَقْبَل     : in the future

    مُسْتَقْبَلِيّ     X
    مُسْتَقْبَلِيّ     Receiver    : future

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