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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَنْقَص مَنْقُوص ناقِص نَقْص يُنْقَصُ نُقِصَ اِنْقَصْ يَنْقَصُ نَقَصَ I
    مَنْقُوص ناقِص نَقْص نُقْصان to decrease / lack
    reduced, deficient, insufficient incomplete, defective, lacking deficit, decrease, loss, deficiency, lack, omissions, imperfection
    مُنَقَّص مُنَقَّص مُنَقِّص تَنْقِيص يُنَقَّصُ نُقَّصَ نَقِّصْ يُنَقَّصُ نَقَّصَ II
    تَنْقِيص to decrease / curtail
    مُناقَص مُناقَص مُناقِص مُناقَصَة يُناقَصُ نوقِصَ ناقِصْ يُناقَصُ ناقَصَ III
    مُناقِص مُناقَصَة to invite bids / submit a tender
    bidder public bidding, adjudication
    مُنْقَص مُنْقَص مُنْقِص إِنْقاص يُنْقَصُ أُنْقِصَ أَنْقِصْ يُنْقِصُ أَنْقَصَ IV
    إِنْقاص to decrease / curtail; to be decreased / be curtailed
    reduction, lowering, curtailment
    مُتَناقَص مُتَناقَص مُتَناقِص تَناقُص يُتَناقَصُ تُنوقِصَ تَناقَصْ يَتَناقَصُ تَناقَصَ VI
    تَناقُص to decrease gradually
    decrease, diminution
    مُنْتَقَص مُنْتَقَص مُنْتَقِص اِنْتِقاص يُنْتَقَصُ اُنْتُقِصَ اِنْتَقِصْ يَنْتَقَصُ اِنْتَقَصَ VIII
    اِنْتِقاص to decrease / wane
    impairment, lessening
    مُسْتَنْقَص مُسْتَنْقَص مُسْتَنْقِص اِسْتِنْقاص يُسْتَنْقَصُ اِسْتَنْقِصَ اِسْتَنْقِصْ يَسْتَنْقَصُ اِسْتَنْقَصَ X
    to ask for a reduction / find deficient

    نَقَص     I
    نَقَص    Verb    : to decrease, lack

    نَقَّص     II
    نَقَّص    Verb    : to decrease, curtail

    أَنْقَص     IV
    أَنْقَص    Verb    : to decrease, curtail

    ناقَص     III
    ناقَص    Verb    : to invite bids, submit a tender

    تَناقَص     VI
    تَناقَص    Verb    : to decrease gradually

    اِنْتَقَص     VIII
    اِنْتَقَص    Verb    : to decrease, wane

    اِسْتَنْقَص     X
    اِسْتَنْقَص    Verb    : to ask for a reduction, find deficient

    نَقْص     I
    نَقْص    Verbal Noun    : deficit

    نَقْص     I
    نَقْص    Verbal Noun    : decrease, loss, deficiency, lack

    نُقْصان     I
    نُقْصان    Verbal Noun    : omissions, imperfection

    نَقِيص    : shortcoming, defect
    نَقائِص    : shortcomings, defects

    تَنْقِيص     II
    تَنْقِيص    Verbal Noun    : decrease

    مُناقَصَة     III
    مُناقَص    Verbal Noun    : public bidding, adjudication

    إِنْقاص     IV
    إِنْقاص    Verbal Noun    : reduction, lowering, curtailment

    تَناقُص     VI
    تَناقُص    Verbal Noun    : decrease, diminution

    اِنْتِقاص     VIII
    اِنْتِقاص    Verbal Noun    : impairment, lessening

    ناقِص     I
    ناقِص    Doer    : incomplete, defective, lacking

    نَواقِص    : shortcomings, defects, faults

    مَنْقُوص     I
    مَنْقُوص    Receiver    : reduced, deficient, insufficient

    مُناقِص     III
    مُناقِص    Doer    : bidder

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