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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَنْفَى مَنْفِيّ نافِياً نَفْي يُنْفَوُ نُفِوَ اِنْفَوْ يَنْفَوُ نَفاَ I
    مَنْفَى مَنْفِيّ نافِياً نَفْي نَفْيِيّ نَفِيّ نَفاء نُفاوَة نُفايَة to deny / refute / reject / / be denied / be refuted / be rejected; to deny / disavow / reject / / be denied / be disavowed / be rejected
    exile, banishment, place of exile, places of exile denied, rejected, discarded, exiled, deported denying, disavowing, rejecting denial, disavowal, negative, denied, rejected, refuse, discarded item, refused, discarded item, waste, refuse
    مُنافَو مُنافَو مُنافِي مُنافَوَة يُنافَىُ نوفِوَ نافِوْ يُنافَىُ نافَىَ III
    مُنافِي to pursue / contradict / be inconsistent with; to be contradicted
    مُتَنافَو مُتَنافَو مُتَنافِو تَنافِي يُتَنافَىُ تُنوفِوَ تَنافَىْ يَتَنافَىُ تَنافَىَ VI
    تَنافِي to be contradicting / be incompatible
    mutual incompatibility, mutual incompatibilities
    مُنْتَفَى مُنْتَفَى مُنْتَفِي اِنْتِفاء يُنْتَفَىُ اُنْتُفِوَ اِنْتَفِوْ يَنْتَفَىُ اِنْتَفَىَ VIII
    اِنْتِفاء to be banished / be denied / be omitted
    absence, lack
    مُسْتَنْفَو مُسْتَنْفَو مُسْتَنْفِو اِسْتِنْفاو يُسْتَنْفَىُ اِسْتَنْفِوَ اِسْتَنْفِوْ يَسْتَنْفَىُ اِسْتَنْفَىَ X
    to reject; to be rejected

    نَفا     I
    نَفا    Verb    : to deny, refute, reject

    نَفَى     I
    نَفَى    Verb    : to deny, disavow, reject

    نافَى     III
    نافَى    Verb    : to pursue, contradict, be inconsistent with

    تَنافَى     VI
    تَنافَى    Verb    : to be contradicting, be incompatible

    اِنْتَفَى     VIII
    اِنْتَفَى    Verb    : to be banished, be denied, be omitted

    اِسْتَنْفَى     X
    اِسْتَنْفَى    Verb    : to reject

    نَفْي     I
    نَفْي    Verbal Noun    : denial, disavowal

    نَفْيِيّ     I
    نَفْيِيّ    Verbal Noun    : negative

    نَفِيّ     I
    نَفِيّ    Verbal Noun    : denied, rejected

    نَفاء     I
    نَفاء    Verbal Noun    : refuse, discarded item

    نُفاوَة     I
    نُفاو    Verbal Noun    : refused, discarded item

    نُفايَة     I
    نُفاي    Verbal Noun    : waste, refuse

    مَنْفَى     I
    مَنْفَى    Noun of Place & Time    : exile, banishment

    مَنْفَى     I
    مَنْفَى    Noun of Place & Time    : place of exile, banishment
    مَنْفَي    Noun of Place & Time    : places of exile, banishment

    مُنافاة     III
    مُنافا    : contradiction, inconsistency, incompatibility

    تَنافِي     VI
    تَنافِي    Verbal Noun    : mutual incompatibility
    تَنافِي    Verbal Noun    : mutual incompatibilities

    اِنْتِفاء     VIII
    اِنْتِفاء    Verbal Noun    : absence, lack

    نافِياً     I
    نافِي    Doer    : denying, disavowing, rejecting

    مَنْفِيّ     I
    مَنْفِيّ    Receiver    : denied, rejected, discarded

    مَنْفِيّ     I
    مَنْفِيّ    Receiver    : exiled, deported

    مُنافِي     III
    مُنافِي    Doer    : incompatible

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