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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَنْصَب مَنْصُوب ناصِب نَصْب يُنْصَبُ نُصِبَ اِنْصَبْ يَنْصَبُ نَصَبَ I
    مَنْصُوب ناصِب نَصْب نُصْب نُصْبَ نَصَب نَصْبَة نُصْبَة to set up; to be exhausted
    erected, set up, installed, noun in accusative case, verb in subjunctive mood tiring, exhausting, words (eg. prepositions) governing the subjunctive setting up, installing, appointing, erected, set up, plants, monument, memorial, in front of, exertion, hard work, planted flags, plant, plants, post, stake, pillar
    مُنَصَّب مُنَصَّب مُنَصِّب تَنْصِيب يُنَصَّبُ نُصَّبَ نَصِّبْ يُنَصَّبُ نَصَّبَ II
    تَنْصِيب to install / raise / appoint
    nomination, appointment, establishment, setting up
    مُناصَب مُناصَب مُناصِب نِصاب يُناصَبُ نوصِبَ ناصِبْ يُناصَبُ ناصَبَ III
    نِصاب to be hostile to / oppose
    proper place, normal state
    مُنْصَب مُنْصَب مُنْصِب إِنْصاب يُنْصَبُ أُنْصِبَ أَنْصِبْ يُنْصِبُ أَنْصَبَ IV
    to exhaust / wear out; to be exhausted / be worn out
    مُنْتَصَب مُنْتَصَب مُنْتَصِب اِنْتِصاب يُنْتَصَبُ اُنْتُصِبَ اِنْتَصِبْ يَنْتَصَبُ اِنْتَصَبَ VIII
    مُنْتَصِب اِنْتِصاب to rise / be upright / be appointed
    set upright, planted setting up, erecting

    نَصَب     I
    نَصَب    Verb    : to set up

    نَصِب     I
    نَصِب    Verb    : to be exhausted

    نَصَّب     II
    نَصَّب    Verb    : to install, raise, appoint

    ناصَب     III
    ناصَب    Verb    : to be hostile to, oppose

    أَنْصَب     IV
    أَنْصَب    Verb    : to exhaust, wear out

    اِنْتَصَب     VIII
    اِنْتَصَب    Verb    : to rise, be upright, be appointed

    نَصْب     I
    نَصْب    Verbal Noun    : setting up, installing, appointing

    نَصْب     I
    نَصْب    Verbal Noun    : erected, set up
    أَنْصاب    Verbal Noun    : erected, plants

    نُصْب     I
    نُصْب    Verbal Noun    : monument, memorial
    أَنْصاب    Verbal Noun    : monuments, memorials

    نُصْبَ     I
    نُصْبَ    Verbal Noun    : in front of

    نَصَب     I
    نَصَب    Verbal Noun    : exertion, hard work
    أَنْصاب    Verbal Noun    : planted flags

    نَصْبَة     I
    نَصْب    Verbal Noun    : plant
    نَصَب    Verbal Noun    : plants

    نُصْبَة     I
    نُصْب    Verbal Noun    : post, stake, pillar

    نِصاب     III
    نِصاب    Verbal Noun    : proper place, normal state

    نَصّاب    : swindler, impostor

    نَصّاب    : deceitful, fraudulent

    نَصِيب    : share, dividend
    أَنْصِب    : shares, dividends

    ناصِيب    : lottery

    يانَصِيب    : lottery

    يانَصِيبِيّ    : lottery

    أَنْصَب     IV
    أَنْصَب    : more/most strenuous

    مَنْصِب    : post, position, office
    مَناصِب    : posts, positions, offices

    مِنْصَب    : kitchen range
    مَناصِب    : kitchen ranges

    تَنْصِيب     II
    تَنْصِيب    Verbal Noun    : nomination, appointment

    تَنْصِيب     II
    تَنْصِيب    Verbal Noun    : establishment, setting up

    اِنْتِصاب     VIII
    اِنْتِصاب    Verbal Noun    : setting up, erecting

    ناصِب     I
    ناصِب    Doer    : tiring, exhausting
    نَواصِب    Doer    : words (eg. prepositions) governing the subjunctive

    مَنْصُوب     I
    مَنْصُوب    Receiver    : erected, set up, installed

    مَنْصُوب     I
    مَنْصُوب    Receiver    : noun in accusative case
    مَنْصُوب    Receiver    : verb in subjunctive mood

    مُنْتَصِب     VIII
    مُنْتَصِب    Doer    : set upright, planted

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