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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَلْحَق مَلْحُوق لاحِق لَحَق يُلْحَقُ لُحِقَ اِلْحَقْ يَلْحَقُ لَحِقَ I
    لاحِق لاحِقَة لَحَق لَحَقِيّ to follow / be attached
    later, afterwards, shortly, soon, subsequent, attached, joined, adjunct, appendage alluvial soil, alluvial
    مُلاحَق مُلاحَق مُلاحِق لِحاق يُلاحَقُ لوحِقَ لاحِقْ يُلاحَقُ لاحَقَ III
    مُلاحِق لِحاق مُلاحَقَة to go after / join / persecute
    follower, companion membership, enrollment, persecution, pursuit
    مُلْحَق مُلْحَق مُلْحِق إِلْحاق يُلْحَقُ أُلْحِقَ أَلْحِقْ يُلْحِقُ أَلْحَقَ IV
    مُلْحَق إِلْحاق to attach / append / enroll; to be attached / be appended / be enrolled
    attach?, appended, adjacent, annexed joining, enrollment, appending, annexation, causing, inflicting
    مُتَلاحَق مُتَلاحَق مُتَلاحِق تَلاحُق يُتَلاحَقُ تُلوحِقَ تَلاحَقْ يَتَلاحَقُ تَلاحَقَ VI
    مُتَلاحِق to follow successively
    successive, consecutive, continuous
    مُلْتَحَق مُلْتَحَق مُلْتَحِق اِلْتِحاق يُلْتَحَقُ اُلْتُحِقَ اِلْتَحِقْ يَلْتَحَقُ اِلْتَحَقَ VIII
    اِلْتِحاق to enroll / enlist / be attached
    entering, joining, affiliation
    مُسْتَلْحَق مُسْتَلْحَق مُسْتَلْحِق اِسْتِلْحاق يُسْتَلْحَقُ اِسْتَلْحِقَ اِسْتَلْحِقْ يَسْتَلْحَقُ اِسْتَلْحَقَ X
    اِسْتِلْحاق to annex

    لَحِق     I
    لَحِق    Verb    : to follow, be attached

    لاحَق     III
    لاحَق    Verb    : to go after, join, persecute

    أَلْحَق     IV
    أَلْحَق    Verb    : to attach, append, enroll

    تَلاحَق     VI
    تَلاحَق    Verb    : to follow successively

    اِلْتَحَق     VIII
    اِلْتَحَق    Verb    : to enroll, enlist, be attached

    اِسْتَلْحَق     X
    اِسْتَلْحَق    Verb    : to annex

    لَحَق     I
    لَحَق    Verbal Noun    : alluvial soil

    لَحَقِيّ     I
    لَحَقِيّ    Verbal Noun    : alluvial

    لِحاق     III
    لِحاق    Verbal Noun    : membership, enrollment

    مُلاحَقَة     III
    مُلاحَق    Verbal Noun    : persecution, pursuit

    إِلْحاق     IV
    إِلْحاق    Verbal Noun    : joining, enrollment

    إِلْحاق     IV
    إِلْحاق    Verbal Noun    : appending, annexation

    إِلْحاق     IV
    إِلْحاق    Verbal Noun    : causing, inflicting

    اِلْتِحاق     VIII
    اِلْتِحاق    Verbal Noun    : entering, joining, affiliation

    اِسْتِلْحاق     X
    اِسْتِلْحاق    Verbal Noun    : annexation

    لاحِق     I
    لاحِق    Doer    : later, afterwards
    لاحِق    Doer    : shortly, soon, subsequent

    لاحِق     I
    لاحِق    Doer    : attached, joined

    لاحِقَة     I
    لاحِق    Doer    : adjunct, appendage
    لَواحِق    Doer    : adjuncts, appendages

    مُلْحَق     IV
    مُلْحَق    Receiver    : attach?

    مُلْحَق     IV
    مُلْحَق    Receiver    : appended, adjacent, annexed

    مُلْحَقات     IV
    مُلْحَق    : appendix, addendum
    مَلاحِق    : appendices, addenda

    مُلْحَقِيَّة     IV
    مُلْحَقِيّ    : attach?'s section

    مُلاحِق     III
    مُلاحِق    Doer    : follower, companion

    مُتَلاحِق     VI
    مُتَلاحِق    Doer    : successive, consecutive, continuous

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