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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَجْرَى جارِياً جارِي جارِيَة جَرْي جِرايَة جَرَيان to occur / happen / take place / flow
    course, pathoccurring, happening, flowing,current, present, proceeding, taking place,housemaid, maidscourse,rations, salary,flow, course
    to keep up with; to be kept up with
    إِجْراء to conduct / carry out / perform; to be conducted / be carried out / be performed
    conducting, undertaking, carrying out, process, measure, measures, steps

    جَرَى     I
    جَرَى     Verb    : to occur, happen, take place, flow

    جارَى     III
    جارَى     Verb    : to keep up with

    أَجْرَى     IV
    أَجْرَى     Verb    : to conduct, carry out, perform
    أُجْرِي     Verb    : to be conducted, be carried out, be performed

    جَرْي     I
    جَرْي     Verbal Noun    : course

    جِرايَة     I
    جِراي     Verbal Noun    : rations, salary

    جَرَيان     I
    جَرَيان     Verbal Noun    : flow, course

    مَجْرَى     I
    مَجْرَى     Noun of Place & Time    : course, path
    مَجارِي     Noun of Place & Time    : courses, paths

    ماجَرَي     : events

    مُجاراة     III
    مُجارا     : conformity

    مُجاراةً     III
    مُجاراةً     : in conformity, in accordance

    إِجْراء     IV
    إِجْراء     Verbal Noun    : conducting, undertaking, carrying out

    إِجْراء     IV
    إِجْراء     Verbal Noun    : process, measure

    إِجْراء     IV
    إِجْراء     Verbal Noun    : measures, steps

    إِجْرائِيّ     : operational

    جارِياً     I
    جارِي     Doer    : occurring, happening, flowing

    جارِي     I
    جارِي     Doer    : current, present, proceeding, taking place

    جارِيَة     I
    جارِي     Doer    : housemaid
    جَوارِي     Doer    : maids

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