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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَدار مَدارِيّ دائِر دائِرَة دائِرِيّ دائِرِيَّة دار دارَة دارِيّ دُورِيّ دَوْر دَوْرَة دَوْرِيّ دَوْرِيَّة دَوَران دَوَرانِيّ دَيْر دَيْرِيّ دَيْرانِيّ to go around / turn
    orbit, sphere, axis, pivot, axes,orbiting, circlingcurrent, running, turning, spinning, itinerant,office, bureau, district, circle, ring, scope, circuit,circular, ring-shaped,patrol, squad, periodicalhouse, home, abodes,aureola, aureolas,domestic, native,domestic,role, part,championship, tournament, cycle, turn, rotation, revolution, patrol, session, tour,periodic, intermittent, circulatory, league (sports),patrol, squad, periodical,turning, rotation, running, tour,rotational, circular,Deir, monastery, convent, monasteries,monastic,monastic, monk
    مُدَوَّر تَدْوِير to rotate / wind
    circular, roundturning, Quran recitation
    مُداوَرَة to ensnare
    cheating, evasion, ensnaring
    مُدِير مُدِيرِيَّة إِدارَة to direct / manage / conduct; to be directed / be managed / be conducted
    director, manager, chief,administration, management, district, provinceadministration, management, bureau
    to be circular
    مُسْتَدِير اِسْتِدارَة to turn around / encircle
    round, circularcircularity, roundness

    دار     I
    دار     Verb    : to go around, turn

    دَوَّر     II
    دَوَّر     Verb    : to rotate, wind

    داوَر     III
    داوَر     Verb    : to ensnare

    أَدار     IV
    أَدار     Verb    : to direct, manage, conduct

    تَدَوَّر     V
    تَدَوَّر     Verb    : to be circular

    اِسْتَدار     X
    اِسْتَدار     Verb    : to turn around, encircle

    دار     I
    دار     Verbal Noun    : house, home
    دُور     Verbal Noun    : houses, homes
    دِير     Verbal Noun    : homes, abodes

    دارَة     I
    دار     Verbal Noun    : aureola
    دار     Verbal Noun    : aureolas

    دارِيّ     I
    دارِيّ     Verbal Noun    : domestic, native

    دِيارِيّ     : domestic, native

    دُورِيّ     I
    دُورِيّ     Verbal Noun    : domestic

    دَوْر     I
    دَوْر     Verbal Noun    : role, part
    أَدْوار     Verbal Noun    : roles, parts

    دَوْرَة     I
    دَوْر     Verbal Noun    : championship, tournament

    دَوْرَة     I
    دَوْر     Verbal Noun    : cycle, turn, rotation, revolution

    دَوْرَة     I
    دَوْر     Verbal Noun    : patrol, session, tour
    دَوْر     Verbal Noun    : patrols, sessions, tours

    دَوْرِيّ     I
    دَوْرِيّ     Verbal Noun    : periodic, intermittent, circulatory

    دَوْرِيّ     I
    دَوْرِيّ     Verbal Noun    : league (sports)

    دَوْرِيَّة     I
    دَوْرِيّ     Verbal Noun    : patrol, squad, periodical

    دَوَران     I
    دَوَران     Verbal Noun    : turning, rotation

    دَوَران     I
    دَوَران     Verbal Noun    : running, tour

    دَوَرانِيّ     I
    دَوَرانِيّ     Verbal Noun    : rotational, circular

    دُوار     : vertigo

    دَوّار     : rotating, spinning

    دَواوِير     : farmyard, corral

    دُوّار     : bedouin camp (Maghrebi)

    دَوّار     : whirlpool, vortex

    دَيْر     I
    دَيْر     Verbal Noun    : Deir

    دَيْر     I
    دَيْر     Verbal Noun    : monastery, convent
    أَدْيار     Verbal Noun    : monasteries, convents

    دَيْرِيّ     I
    دَيْرِيّ     Verbal Noun    : monastic

    دَيّار     : monastic, monk

    دَيْرانِيّ     I
    دَيْرانِيّ     Verbal Noun    : monastic, monk

    أَدْوَر     IV
    أَدْوَر     : more/most circulated

    مَدار     I
    مَدار     Receiver    : orbit, sphere, axis, pivot
    مَدار     Receiver    : orbits, spheres, axes, pivots

    مَدارِيّ     I
    مَدارِيّ     Receiver    : orbiting, circling

    تَدْوِير     II
    تَدْوِير     Verbal Noun    : turning, Quran recitation

    مُداوَرَة     III
    مُداوَر     Verbal Noun    : cheating, evasion, ensnaring

    إِدارَة     IV
    إِدار     Verbal Noun    : administration, management, bureau

    إِدارِيّ     : administrative, management, departmental, officer

    إِدارِيّ     : administratively, officially

    اِسْتِدارَة     X
    اِسْتِدار     Verbal Noun    : circularity, roundness

    دائِر     I
    دائِر     Doer    : current, running

    دائِر     I
    دائِر     Doer    : turning, spinning, itinerant

    دائِرَة     I
    دائِر     Doer    : office, bureau, district
    دَوائِر     Doer    : offices, bureaus, districts

    دائِرَة     I
    دائِر     Doer    : circle, ring, scope, circuit
    دائِر     Doer    : circles, rings, scopes, circuits

    دائِرِيّ     I
    دائِرِيّ     Doer    : circular, ring-shaped

    دائِرِيَّة     I
    دائِرِيّ     Doer    : patrol, squad, periodical

    مُدَوَّر     II
    مُدَوَّر     Receiver    : circular, round

    مُدِير     IV
    مُدِير     Doer    : director, manager, chief
    مُدَراء     Doer    : directors, managers

    مُدِيرِيَّة     IV
    مُدِيرِيّ     Doer    : administration, management

    مُدِيرِيَّة     IV
    مُدِيرِيّ     Doer    : district, province

    مُسْتَدِير     X
    مُسْتَدِير     Doer    : round, circular

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