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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَدْرَج مَدْرُوج دارِج دَرْج يُدْرَجُ دُرِجَ اِدْرَجْ يَدْرَجُ دَرَجَ I
    مَدْرَج مَدْرَجَة دارِج دَرْج دُرْج دَرَج دَرَجَة to insert / register
    route, runway, ramp, tarmac, runway popular, prevalent, colloquial, vernacular entry, registration, recording, desk drawer, desk drawers, step, stairs, route, course, degree, class, rank, grade, level
    مُدَرَّج مُدَرَّج مُدَرِّج تَدْرِيج يُدَرَّجُ دُرَّجَ دَرِّجْ يُدَرَّجُ دَرَّجَ II
    تَدْرِيج تَدْرِيجِيّ to categorize / classify / gradate
    gradation, classification, categorization, gradual, progressive, gradually, in stages, step by step
    مُدارَج مُدارَج مُدارِج مُدارَجَة يُدارَجُ دورِجَ دارِجْ يُدارَجُ دارَجَ III
    to keep up with
    مُدْرَج مُدْرَج مُدْرِج إِدْراج يُدْرَجُ أُدْرِجَ أَدْرِجْ يُدْرِجُ أَدْرَجَ IV
    مُدْرَج إِدْراج to insert / include / integrate; to be inserted / be included / be integrated
    inserted, included insertion, registration, recording
    مُتَدَرَّج مُتَدَرَّج مُتَدَرِّج تَدَرُّج يُتَدَرَّجُ تُدُرِّجَ تَدَرَّجْ يَتَدَرَّجُ تَدَرَّجَ V
    مُتَدَرِّج تَدَرُّج to progress / be gradated / advance gradually
    apprentice gradual progress, gradation, hierarchy
    مُنْدَرَج مُنْدَرِج اِنْدِراج اِنْدَرِجْ يَنْدَرَجُ اِنْدَرَجَ VII
    to be inserted / be classified
    مُسْتَدْرَج مُسْتَدْرَج مُسْتَدْرِج اِسْتِدْراج يُسْتَدْرَجُ اِسْتَدْرِجَ اِسْتَدْرِجْ يَسْتَدْرَجُ اِسْتَدْرَجَ X
    اِسْتِدْراج to promote / advance gradually
    persuasion, appeal

    دَرَج     I
    دَرَج    Verb    : to insert, register

    دَرَّج     II
    دَرَّج    Verb    : to categorize, classify, gradate

    دارَج     III
    دارَج    Verb    : to keep up with

    أَدْرَج     IV
    أَدْرَج    Verb    : to insert, include, integrate

    تَدَرَّج     V
    تَدَرَّج    Verb    : to progress, be gradated, advance gradually

    اِنْدَرَج     VII
    اِنْدَرَج    Verb    : to be inserted, be classified

    اِسْتَدْرَج     X
    اِسْتَدْرَج    Verb    : to promote, advance gradually

    دَرْج     I
    دَرْج    Verbal Noun    : entry, registration, recording

    دُرْج     I
    دُرْج    Verbal Noun    : desk drawer
    أَدْراج    Verbal Noun    : desk drawers

    دَرَج     I
    دَرَج    Verbal Noun    : step, stairs
    أَدْراج    Verbal Noun    : steps, stairs

    دَرَج     I
    دَرَج    Verbal Noun    : route, course
    أَدْراج    Verbal Noun    : routes, courses

    دَرَجَة     I
    دَرَج    Verbal Noun    : degree, class, rank, grade, level
    دَرَج    Verbal Noun    : degrees, classes, ranks, grades, levels

    دُرّاج    : francolin (bird)

    دَرّاج    : bicycle

    مَدْرَج     I
    مَدْرَج    Noun of Place & Time    : route, runway, ramp
    مَدارِج    Noun of Place & Time    : routes, runways, ramps

    مَدْرَجَة     I
    مَدْرَج    Noun of Place & Time    : tarmac, runway

    تَدْرِيج     II
    تَدْرِيج    Verbal Noun    : gradation, classification, categorization

    تَدْرِيجِيّ     II
    تَدْرِيجِيّ    Verbal Noun    : gradual, progressive
    تَدْرِيجِيّ    Verbal Noun    : gradually, in stages, step by step

    إِدْراج     IV
    إِدْراج    Verbal Noun    : insertion, registration, recording

    تَدَرُّج     V
    تَدَرُّج    Verbal Noun    : gradual progress, gradation, hierarchy

    اِسْتِدْراج     X
    اِسْتِدْراج    Verbal Noun    : persuasion, appeal

    دارِج     I
    دارِج    Doer    : popular, prevalent

    دارِج     I
    دارِج    Doer    : colloquial, vernacular

    مُدَرَّج     II
    مُدَرَّج    : graded, terraced

    مُدَرَّج     II
    مُدَرَّج    : amphitheater, bleachers

    مُدْرَج     IV
    مُدْرَج    Receiver    : inserted, included

    مُتَدَرِّج     V
    مُتَدَرِّج    Doer    : apprentice

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