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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَدْعَو مَدْعُوّ داعِي دَعْوَة يُدْعَوُ دُعِوَ اِدْعَوْ يَدْعَوُ دَعاَ I
    مَدْعُوّ داعِي داعِيَة دَعْوَة دَعْوِيّ دَعْوَى دَعِيّ دُعاء دِعايَة دِعائِيّ دَعاوَة to call / invite; to be called / be invited
    invited, called, named cause, reason, motives, requirements, inviter, propagandist, callers, propagandist, missionary, motive call, invitation, supplication, (Islamic) missionary work, Da'wah, propaganda, (Islamic) mission, Da'wah-related, propagandistic, lawsuit, allegation, legal action, bastard, braggart, impostor, call, request, invocation, propaganda, advertising, propagandistic, propaganda, publicity
    مُداعَو مُداعَو مُداعِو مُداعَوَة يُداعَىُ دوعِوَ داعِوْ يُداعَىُ داعَىَ III
    to challenge / prosecute; to be challenged / be prosecuted
    مُتَداعَو مُتَداعَو مُتَداعِي تَداعِي يُتَداعَىُ تُدوعِوَ تَداعَىْ يَتَداعَىُ تَداعَىَ VI
    مُتَداعِي تَداعِي to challenge each other / evoke one another
    evoking each other, declining association, mutual summoning
    مُدْتَعَى مُدَّعَى مُدَّعِي اِدِّعاء يُدَّعَىُ اُدْعُعِوَ اِدْعَعِوْ يَدَّعَىُ اِدَّعَىَ VIII
    مُدَّعَى مُدَّعِي اِدِّعاء to allege / claim / testify
    defendant plaintiff, prosecutor allegation, claim, prosecution
    مُسْتَدْعَو مُسْتَدْعَى مُسْتَدْعِي اِسْتِدْعاو يُسْتَدْعَىُ اِسْتَدْعِوَ اِسْتَدْعِوْ يَسْتَدْعَىُ اِسْتَدْعَىَ X
    مُسْتَدْعَى مُسْتَدْعِي to summon / invoke; to be summoned / be invoked
    conscript, draftee applicant, petition

    دَعا     I
    دَعا    Verb    : to call, invite

    داعَى     III
    داعَى    Verb    : to challenge, prosecute

    تَداعَى     VI
    تَداعَى    Verb    : to challenge each other, evoke one another

    اِدَّعَى     VIII
    اِدَّعَى    Verb    : to allege, claim, testify

    اِسْتَدْعَى     X
    اِسْتَدْعَى    Verb    : to summon, invoke

    دَعْوَة     I
    دَعْو    Verbal Noun    : call, invitation, supplication
    دَعَو    Verbal Noun    : calls, invitations, supplications

    دَعْوَة     I
    دَعْو    Verbal Noun    : (Islamic) missionary work, Da'wah, propaganda

    دَعْوِيّ     I
    دَعْوِيّ    Verbal Noun    : (Islamic) mission, Da'wah-related, propagandistic

    دَعْوَى     I
    دَعْوَى    Verbal Noun    : lawsuit, allegation, legal action
    دَعاوَى    Verbal Noun    : lawsuits, allegations, legal actions

    دَعِيّ     I
    دَعِيّ    Verbal Noun    : bastard, braggart, impostor
    أَدْعِياء    Verbal Noun    : bastards, braggarts, impostors

    دُعاء     I
    دُعاء    Verbal Noun    : call, request, invocation

    دِعايَة     I
    دِعاي    Verbal Noun    : propaganda, advertising

    دِعائِيّ     I
    دِعائِيّ    Verbal Noun    : propagandistic

    أَدْعَى     IV
    أَدْعَى    : more/most conducive, more/most provoking
    أَدْعَي    : most conducive, most provoking

    دَعاوَة     I
    دَعاو    Verbal Noun    : propaganda, publicity

    مَدْعا    : reason, motive

    تَداعِي     VI
    تَداعِي    Verbal Noun    : association, mutual summoning

    اِدِّعاء     VIII
    اِدِّعاء    Verbal Noun    : allegation, claim, prosecution

    اِسْتِدْعاء     X
    اِسْتِدْعاء    : summons, petition
    اِسْتِدْعاء    : summons, petitions

    داعِي     I
    داعِي    Doer    : cause, reason
    دَواعِي    Doer    : motives, requirements

    داعِي     I
    داعِي    Doer    : inviter, propagandist
    دُعا    Doer    : callers, propagandists

    داعِيَة     I
    داعِي    Doer    : propagandist, missionary, motive

    مَدْعُوّ     I
    مَدْعُوّ    Receiver    : invited, called
    مَدْعُوّ    Receiver    : named, called

    مُتَداعِي     VI
    مُتَداعِي    Doer    : evoking each other, declining

    مُدَّعِي     VIII
    مُدَّعِي    Doer    : plaintiff, prosecutor

    مُدَّعَى     VIII
    مُدَّعَى    Receiver    : defendant

    مُسْتَدْعِي     X
    مُسْتَدْعِي    Doer    : applicant, petition

    مُسْتَدْعَى     X
    مُسْتَدْعَى    Receiver    : conscript, draftee

    مُدَّعَيات     VIII
    مُدَّعَي    : claims, pretensions

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