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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَظْهَر ظاهِر ظاهِرِيّ ظاهِرِيَّة ظاهِرَة ظاهِراتِيّ ظَهْر ظَهْرِيّ ظُهْر ظُهْرِيّ ظُهُور ظَهْران to appear / emerge
    appearance, facade, features, manifestationsevident, apparent, manifest, visible, Zahir,apparent, external,Zaheriya,phenomenon, phenomena,phenomenologicalback, spine, midst,dorsal,noon, afternoon, in the afternoon, at noon, afternoons,afternoon, meridian,appearance, emergence,Dhahran
    مُظَهِّر تَظْهِير to endorse; to develop
    endorserendorsement, transfer, (photo) developing
    ظِهارَة ظِهار مُظاهَرَة to assist / support
    outside, epithelium,epithelium,demonstration, rally
    إِظْهار إِظْهارِيّ to show / manifest / demonstrate; to be shown / be manifest / be demonstrated
    expressing, showing, demonstrating,demonstrative, exhibitionist
    مُتَظاهِر تَظاهُر to manifest / demonstrate
    demonstratordemonstration, exhibition, simulation
    اِسْتِظْهار to memorize / demonstrate
    memorization, recitation

    ظَهَر     I
    ظَهَر     Verb    : to appear, emerge

    ظَهَّر     II
    ظَهَّر     Verb    : to endorse

    ظَهَّر     II
    ظَهَّر     Verb    : to develop

    ظاهَر     III
    ظاهَر     Verb    : to assist, support

    أَظْهَر     IV
    أَظْهَر     Verb    : to show, manifest, demonstrate

    تَظاهَر     VI
    تَظاهَر     Verb    : to manifest, demonstrate

    اِسْتَظْهَر     X
    اِسْتَظْهَر     Verb    : to memorize, demonstrate

    ظَهْر     I
    ظَهْر     Verbal Noun    : back, spine
    ظَهْر     Verbal Noun    : midst

    ظَهْرِيّ     I
    ظَهْرِيّ     Verbal Noun    : dorsal

    أَظْهُر     IV
    أَظْهُر     : rear part

    ظُهْر     I
    ظُهْر     Verbal Noun    : noon, afternoon
    ظُهْر     Verbal Noun    : in the afternoon, at noon
    أَظْهار     Verbal Noun    : afternoons

    ظُهْرِيّ     I
    ظُهْرِيّ     Verbal Noun    : afternoon, meridian

    ظَهِير     : assistant, partisan

    ظَهِير     : noon, midday

    ظُهُور     I
    ظُهُور     Verbal Noun    : appearance, emergence

    ظَهْران     I
    ظَهْران     Verbal Noun    : Dhahran

    ظِهارَة     III
    ظِهار     Verbal Noun    : outside, epithelium

    أَظْهَر     IV
    أَظْهَر     : clearer/clearest, more/most apparent

    مَظْهَر     I
    مَظْهَر     Noun of Place & Time    : appearance, facade
    مَظاهِر     Noun of Place & Time    : features, manifestations

    تَظْهِير     II
    تَظْهِير     Verbal Noun    : endorsement, transfer

    تَظْهِير     II
    تَظْهِير     Verbal Noun    : (photo) developing

    ظِهار     III
    ظِهار     Verbal Noun    : epithelium

    ظِهارِيّ     : epithelial

    مُظاهَرَة     III
    مُظاهَر     Verbal Noun    : demonstration, rally

    إِظْهار     IV
    إِظْهار     Verbal Noun    : expressing, showing, demonstrating

    إِظْهارِيّ     IV
    إِظْهارِيّ     Verbal Noun    : demonstrative, exhibitionist

    تَظاهُر     VI
    تَظاهُر     Verbal Noun    : demonstration, exhibition, simulation

    تَظاهُرَة     VI
    تَظاهُر     : rally, demonstration

    تَظاهُرِيّ     VI
    تَظاهُرِيّ     : simulated

    ظاهِر     I
    ظاهِر     Doer    : evident, apparent, manifest, visible

    ظاهِر     I
    ظاهِر     Doer    : Zahir

    ظاهِرِيّ     I
    ظاهِرِيّ     Doer    : apparent, external

    ظاهِرِيَّة     I
    ظاهِرِيَّة     Doer    : Zaheriya

    ظاهِرَة     I
    ظاهِر     Doer    : phenomenon
    ظَواهِر     Doer    : phenomena

    ظَواهِرِيّ     : Zawahri, Zawahiri

    ظَواهِرِيّ     : phenomenal

    ظاهِراتِيّ     I
    ظاهِراتِيّ     Doer    : phenomenological

    مُظَهِّر     II
    مُظَهِّر     Doer    : endorser

    مُتَظاهِر     VI
    مُتَظاهِر     Doer    : demonstrator

    اِسْتِظْهار     X
    اِسْتِظْهار     Verbal Noun    : memorization, recitation

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