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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَحْسَب مَحْسُوب حاسِب حَسْب يُحْسَبُ حُسِبَ اِحْسَبْ يَحْسَبُ حَسَبَ I
    مَحْسُوب مَحْسُوبِيَّة حاسِب حَسْب حَسَب حَسَبَما حِسْبَة حُسْبان to compute / charge; to regard / consider; to be esteemed / be valued
    calculated, measured, prot?g?, favorite, patronised, patronage, favoritism calculator, computer reckoning, calculation, only, according to, depending on, according to, calculation, calculation, consideration
    مُحاسَب مُحاسَب مُحاسِب حِساب يُحاسَبُ حوسِبَ حاسِبْ يُحاسَبُ حاسَبَ III
    مُحاسِب حِساب مُحاسَبَة to hold responsible / get even with
    accountant, comptroller calculation, appraisal, invoice, expense, account, accounting, examination
    مُتَحَسَّب مُتَحَسَّب مُتَحَسِّب تَحَسُّب يُتَحَسَّبُ تُحُسِّبَ تَحَسَّبْ يَتَحَسَّبُ تَحَسَّبَ V
    مُتَحَسِّب تَحَسُّب تَحَسُّبِيّ to be careful / take precautions
    circumspect, expecting expectation, precaution, in expectation of, as a precaution, provisional, precautionary
    مُتَحاسَب مُتَحاسَب مُتَحاسِب تَحاسُب يُتَحاسَبُ تُحوسِبَ تَحاسَبْ يَتَحاسَبُ تَحاسَبَ VI
    to settle a mutual account
    مُحْتَسَب مُحْتَسَب مُحْتَسِب اِحْتِساب يُحْتَسَبُ اُحْتُسِبَ اِحْتَسِبْ يَحْتَسَبُ اِحْتَسَبَ VIII
    مُحْتَسِب اِحْتِساب to take into consideration
    bursar, treasurer calculation, examination

    حَسَب     I
    حَسَب    Verb    : to compute, charge

    حَسِب     I
    حَسِب    Verb    : to regard, consider

    حَسُب     I
    حَسُب    Verb    : to be esteemed, be valued

    حاسَب     III
    حاسَب    Verb    : to hold responsible, get even with

    تَحَسَّب     V
    تَحَسَّب    Verb    : to be careful, take precautions

    تَحاسَب     VI
    تَحاسَب    Verb    : to settle a mutual account

    اِحْتَسَب     VIII
    اِحْتَسَب    Verb    : to take into consideration

    حَسْب     I
    حَسْب    Verbal Noun    : reckoning, calculation
    فَحَسْب    Verbal Noun    : only

    حَسَب     I
    حَسَب    Verbal Noun    : according to, depending on

    حَسَبَما     I
    حَسَبَما    Verbal Noun    : according to

    حِسْبَة     I
    حِسْب    Verbal Noun    : calculation

    حَسِيب    : Haseeb, Hasib

    حَسِيب    : respected, noble

    حُسْبان     I
    حُسْبان    Verbal Noun    : calculation, consideration

    حِساب     III
    حِساب    Verbal Noun    : calculation, appraisal

    حِساب     III
    حِساب    Verbal Noun    : invoice, expense, account

    حِسابِيّ    : arithmetical, computational
    حِسابِيّ    : arithmetic

    حاسُوب    : computer
    حَواسِيب    : computers

    حاسُوبِيّ    : computer, computational

    مُحاسَبَة     III
    مُحاسَب    Verbal Noun    : accounting, examination

    تَحَسُّب     V
    تَحَسُّب    Verbal Noun    : expectation, precaution
    تَحَسُّب    Verbal Noun    : in expectation of, as a precaution

    تَحَسُّبِيّ     V
    تَحَسُّبِيّ    Verbal Noun    : provisional, precautionary

    اِحْتِساب     VIII
    اِحْتِساب    Verbal Noun    : calculation, examination

    حاسِب     I
    حاسِب    Doer    : calculator, computer

    مَحْسُوب     I
    مَحْسُوب    Receiver    : calculated, measured

    مَحْسُوب     I
    مَحْسُوب    Receiver    : prot?g?, favorite, patronised
    مَحاسِيب    Receiver    : prot?g?s, favorites, patronised

    مَحْسُوبِيَّة     I
    مَحْسُوبِيّ    Receiver    : patronage, favoritism

    مُحاسِب     III
    مُحاسِب    Doer    : accountant, comptroller

    مُتَحَسِّب     V
    مُتَحَسِّب    Doer    : circumspect, expecting

    مُحْتَسِب     VIII
    مُحْتَسِب    Doer    : bursar, treasurer

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