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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Nouns Verbs Measure
    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَحْمَل مَحْمُول حامِل حَمْل يُحْمَلُ حُمِلَ اِحْمَلْ يَحْمَلُ حَمَلَ I
    مَحْمَل مَحْمُول حامِل حَمْل حِمْل حَمَل حَمْلَة حُمُولَة to carry / bear / transport
    bearing mobile (phone), carried, tolerable, tonnage bearing, carrying, bearer, carrier, pregnant carrying, urging, compelling, forcing, burden, loads, cargo, Aries, campaign, expedition, attack, tonnage, load capacity
    مُحَمَّل مُحَمَّل مُحَمِّل تَحْمِيل يُحَمَّلُ حُمَّلَ حَمِّلْ يُحَمَّلُ حَمَّلَ II
    مُحَمَّل تَحْمِيل تَحْمِيلَة to charge (with responsibility) / blame / impose / make carry
    loaded, burdened burdening, loading, shipment, suppository, suppositories
    مُتَحَمَّل مُتَحَمَّل مُتَحَمِّل تَحَمُّل يُتَحَمَّلُ تُحُمِّلَ تَحَمَّلْ يَتَحَمَّلُ تَحَمَّلَ V
    تَحَمُّل to assume / bear (reponsibility)
    assumption, bearing, duties
    مُتَحامَل مُتَحامَل مُتَحامِل تَحامُل يُتَحامَلُ تُحومِلَ تَحامَلْ يَتَحامَلُ تَحامَلَ VI
    مُتَحامِل تَحامُل to mistreat
    mistreating prejudice
    مُحْتَمَل مُحْتَمَل مُحْتَمِل اِحْتِمال يُحْتَمَلُ اُحْتُمِلَ اِحْتَمِلْ يَحْتَمَلُ اِحْتَمَلَ VIII
    مُحْتَمَل اِحْتِمال to tolerate / expect / be likely
    likely, expected, probable, suspected possibility, probability, likelihood, scenario

    حَمَل     I
    حَمَل    Verb    : to carry, bear, transport

    حَمَّل     II
    حَمَّل    Verb    : to charge (with responsibility), blame, impose, make carry

    تَحَمَّل     V
    تَحَمَّل    Verb    : to assume, bear (reponsibility)

    تَحامَل     VI
    تَحامَل    Verb    : to mistreat

    اِحْتَمَل     VIII
    اِحْتَمَل    Verb    : to tolerate, expect, be likely

    حَمْل     I
    حَمْل    Verbal Noun    : carrying

    حَمْل     I
    حَمْل    Verbal Noun    : urging, compelling, forcing

    حِمْل     I
    حِمْل    Verbal Noun    : burden
    أَحْمال    Verbal Noun    : loads, cargo

    حَمَل     I
    حَمَل    Verbal Noun    : Aries

    حَمْلَة     I
    حَمْل    Verbal Noun    : campaign, expedition, attack
    حَمَل    Verbal Noun    : campaigns, expeditions, attacks

    حَمِيل    : fetus, foundling

    حَمُول    : patient, tolerant

    حَمّال    : porter, carrier

    حَمّال    : beam, girder

    حُمُولَة     I
    حُمُول    Verbal Noun    : tonnage, load capacity

    أَحْمَل     IV
    أَحْمَل    : more/most tolerant

    مَحْمَل     I
    مَحْمَل    Noun of Place & Time    : bearing

    تَحْمِيل     II
    تَحْمِيل    Verbal Noun    : burdening, loading, shipment

    تَحْمِيلَة     II
    تَحْمِيل    Verbal Noun    : suppository
    تَحامِيل    Verbal Noun    : suppositories

    تَحَمُّل     V
    تَحَمُّل    Verbal Noun    : assumption, bearing, duties

    تَحامُل     VI
    تَحامُل    Verbal Noun    : prejudice

    اِحْتِمال     VIII
    اِحْتِمال    Verbal Noun    : possibility, probability, likelihood, scenario

    اِحْتِمالِيّ     VIII
    اِحْتِمالِيّ    : likelihood, probability, possibility

    اِحْتِمالِيّ     VIII
    اِحْتِمالِيّ    : likelihood, chances, possibilities

    حامِل     I
    حامِل    Doer    : bearing, carrying

    حامِل     I
    حامِل    Doer    : bearer, carrier
    حَوامِل    Doer    : bearers, carriers

    حامِل     I
    حامِل    Doer    : pregnant

    مَحْمُول     I
    مَحْمُول    Receiver    : mobile (phone), carried

    مَحْمُول     I
    مَحْمُول    Receiver    : tolerable

    مَحْمُول     I
    مَحْمُول    Receiver    : tonnage

    مُحَمَّل     II
    مُحَمَّل    Receiver    : loaded, burdened

    مُتَحامِل     VI
    مُتَحامِل    Doer    : mistreating

    مُحْتَمَل     VIII
    مُحْتَمَل    Receiver    : likely, expected, probable, suspected

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