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Look Up A Measure I, Third Person Singular, Past Tense Root

    Noun of Place & Time

    اسم المكان
    و الوقت
    Recipient (Passive Participal)

    اسم المفعول
    Doer (Active Participal)

    اسم الفاعل
    Verbal Noun

    Passive Present (Imperfect)

    Passive Past (Perfect)


    Active Present (Imperfect)

    Active Past (Perfect)

    مَعْلَم مَعْلُوم مَعْلُومَة مَعْلُوماتِيّ عالِم عِلْم عِلْمِيّ عَلَم عُلْمَة to know / find out; to be known / be found out
    sign, mark, features, sightsknown, certainly!,piece of data, known fact, item of information, information, data,information science, informaticsscientist, scholar, knowingknowledge, knowing, in view of the fact (that), with the knowledge (that), science, study of, sciences,scientific, scholarly, academic,flag, banner, badge,harelip
    مُعَلِّم تَعْلِيم تَعْلِيمِيّ to teach / instruct
    teachereducation, teaching, instructions, precepts,educational, pedagogical, instructional
    إِعْلام إِعْلامِيّ to notify / inform; to be notified / be informed
    information, media,information, media
    مُتَعَلِّم تَعَلُّم to study / learn
    educatedlearning, study
    اِسْتِعْلام to inquire
    inquiry, information

    عَلِم     I
    عَلِم     Verb    : to know, find out
    عُلِم     Verb    : to be known, be found out

    عَلَّم     II
    عَلَّم     Verb    : to teach, instruct

    أَعْلَم     IV
    أَعْلَم     Verb    : to notify, inform

    تَعَلَّم     V
    تَعَلَّم     Verb    : to study, learn

    اِسْتَعْلَم     X
    اِسْتَعْلَم     Verb    : to inquire

    عِلْم     I
    عِلْم     Verbal Noun    : knowledge, knowing
    عِلْم     Verbal Noun    : in view of the fact (that), with the knowledge (that)

    عِلْم     I
    عِلْم     Verbal Noun    : science, study of
    عُلُوم     Verbal Noun    : sciences

    عِلْمِيّ     I
    عِلْمِيّ     Verbal Noun    : scientific, scholarly, academic

    عَلَم     I
    عَلَم     Verbal Noun    : flag, banner, badge
    أَعْلام     Verbal Noun    : flags, banners

    عُلْمَة     I
    عُلْم     Verbal Noun    : harelip

    أَعْلام     : celebrities, famous people, luminaries

    عَلِيم     : specialist, erudite

    عَلّام     : expert

    عَلّام     : scholar

    عَلام     : mark, sign, point
    عَلام     : marks, signs, points

    أُعْلُوم     : sign

    عالَم     III
    عالَم     : world
    عالَم     : worlds

    عالَمِيّ     : international, world-wide, world
    عالَمِيّ     : internationally, world-wide

    عالَمِيّ     : universality, internationalism

    تِعْلام     : scholar

    مَعْلَم     I
    مَعْلَم     Noun of Place & Time    : sign, mark
    مَعالِم     Noun of Place & Time    : features, sights

    تَعْلِيم     II
    تَعْلِيم     Verbal Noun    : education, teaching
    تَعْلِيم     Verbal Noun    : instructions
    تَعالِيم     Verbal Noun    : precepts

    تَعْلِيمِيّ     II
    تَعْلِيمِيّ     Verbal Noun    : educational, pedagogical, instructional

    إِعْلام     IV
    إِعْلام     Verbal Noun    : information, media

    إِعْلامِيّ     IV
    إِعْلامِيّ     Verbal Noun    : information, media

    تَعَلُّم     V
    تَعَلُّم     Verbal Noun    : learning, study

    اِسْتِعْلام     X
    اِسْتِعْلام     Verbal Noun    : inquiry, information

    اِسْتِعْلامِيّ     X
    اِسْتِعْلامِيّ     : fact-finding, information gathering

    عالِم     I
    عالِم     Doer    : scientist, scholar
    عُلَماء     Doer    : scholars, scientists

    عالِم     I
    عالِم     Doer    : knowing

    أَعْلَم     IV
    أَعْلَم     : more/most knowledgeable

    مَعْلُوم     I
    مَعْلُوم     Receiver    : known
    مَعْلُوم     Receiver    : certainly!

    مَعْلُومَة     I
    مَعْلُوم     Receiver    : piece of data, known fact, item of information
    مَعْلُوم     Receiver    : information, data

    مَعْلُوماتِيّ     I
    مَعْلُوماتِيّ     Receiver    : information science, informatics

    مُعَلِّم     II
    مُعَلِّم     Doer    : teacher

    مُتَعَلِّم     V
    مُتَعَلِّم     Doer    : educated

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